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PvB app mobile 2014

Date added: 01-06-2014

Programming language: Javascript

Librarys: Ionic, Angulair

Platform: Android


PVB App 2014

The new PVB app. completely redesigned mobile application using the latest techniques on web app development. Supporting android 4 and newer.

PvB tool mobile

Date added: 19-12-2013

Programming language: Javascript

Librarys: Titanium

Platform: Appcelerator


Tool & PVB App

In 2011 developed the PVB tool, which now has 11 of the total 12 AOCs use it. This tool, based on the examination standards of the "Groene standaard", facilitates the entire organizational and logistical process Trials Competence of application for assessment.

In combination with the PVB App essential functionalities for assessors are simply made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable through mobile applications. Assessors will find all the information about the tests on their smartphone, PDA or tablet.
The PVB tool makes the work of assessors easier, no paper comes to pass, the tests can be assessed. The PVB App is also used within ROCs in assessing internships.