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My name is Nick, and I present to you a major update to my portfolio website! A new design, a new framework and new projects I’m working on. Hope you enjoy it. :-)

March this year (2015) I started a new challenge as a Senior software engineer for CCV shop. I'm developing and maintaining (new) features in our webshop platform. Supporting over 15 000 active webshops. This platform consists of:

  • Webshop
  • Api
  • Backoffice tool
  • APP store
  • Reseller panel

My previous you job was at in Deventer where i worked the past 5 years as a software engineer, and database administrator. Developing new modules to their student management system. That supports more than 45 educational institutions over 150 000 users.
Trajectplanner is a student and educational management system for maintaining school processes like planning courses, scheduling, student registration, electronic learning environment etc.
In my spare time I’m enjoying working on Arduino projects (Home automation, RC vehicle telemetries, etc)

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